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  •  ** May-2016 - 8.6167
  •  ** Apr-2016 - 8.5663
  •  ** Mar-2016 - 8.6251
  •  ** Feb-2016 - 8.7721
  •  ** Jan-2016 - 8.6527
  •  ** Dec-2015 - 8.5815
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Indian Rupee Vs Hong Kong Dollar(HKD vs INR/ INR to HKD) Current Currency Rate

Indian Rupee (INR) is the currency of India, currency symbol “Rs”. One Rs is equal to 100 paisa.Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) is the currency of Hong Kong, currency symbol "$" or “HK$”. One HK Dollar is equal to 100 cents.
Below is the current currency exchange rates for INR vs HKD or INR to HKD.



Currency Current Price

Last one month exchange rates for INR vs HKD

The table below displays last one month exchange rates between the Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) and the Indian Rupee (INR) or Hong Kong Dollar vs Indian Rupee or HKDINR or Indian Rupee vs Hong Kong Dollar or HKD vs INR.
Exchange RatesLast Traded
INR vs HKD on 26-May-20168.61847
INR vs HKD on 25-May-20168.6649
INR vs HKD on 24-May-20168.70423
INR vs HKD on 23-May-20168.68321
INR vs HKD on 20-May-20168.68593
INR vs HKD on 19-May-20168.68395
INR vs HKD on 18-May-20168.64661
INR vs HKD on 17-May-20168.61084
INR vs HKD on 16-May-20168.61065
INR vs HKD on 13-May-20168.63376
INR vs HKD on 12-May-20168.60237
INR vs HKD on 11-May-20168.57495
INR vs HKD on 10-May-20168.58424
INR vs HKD on 09-May-20168.59959
INR vs HKD on 06-May-20168.58101
INR vs HKD on 05-May-20168.57609
INR vs HKD on 04-May-20168.58498
INR vs HKD on 03-May-20168.57374
INR vs HKD on 02-May-20168.54985
INR vs HKD on 01-May-20168.56376
INR vs HKD on 29-Apr-20168.5513
INR vs HKD on 28-Apr-20168.5569
INR vs HKD on 27-Apr-20168.55535
INR vs HKD on 26-Apr-20168.56159
INR vs HKD on 25-Apr-20168.59807
INR vs HKD on 24-Apr-20168.56916
INR vs HKD on 22-Apr-20168.59117
INR vs HKD on 21-Apr-20168.56902
INR vs HKD on 20-Apr-20168.53164
INR vs HKD on 19-Apr-20168.53065

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