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  •  ** Oct-2016 - 74.0654
  •  ** Sep-2016 - 74.4808
  •  ** Aug-2016 - 73.2131
  •  ** Jul-2016 - 74.2262
  •  ** Jun-2016 - 74.2207
  •  ** May-2016 - 74.0272
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Japanese Yen Vs New Zealand Dollar(NZD vs JPY/ JPY to NZD) Current Currency Rate

Japanese Yen (JPY) is the currency of Japan. This currency is also known as yen. One yen is equal to 100 sens and one sen is equal to 10 rin.New Zealand Dollar (NZD) is the currency of New Zealand, currency symbol “$” or “NZ$”. One NZ Dollar (Kiwi) is equal to 100 cents.
Below is the current currency exchange rates for JPY vs NZD or JPY to NZD.



Currency Current Price

Last one month exchange rates for JPY vs NZD

The table below displays last one month exchange rates between the New Zealand Dollar (NZD) and the Japanese Yen (JPY) or New Zealand Dollar vs Japanese Yen or NZDJPY or Japanese Yen vs New Zealand Dollar or NZD vs JPY.
Exchange RatesLast Traded
JPY vs NZD on 21-Oct-201674.41123
JPY vs NZD on 20-Oct-201674.75287
JPY vs NZD on 19-Oct-201674.72982
JPY vs NZD on 18-Oct-201674.75551
JPY vs NZD on 17-Oct-201674.51439
JPY vs NZD on 16-Oct-201673.95551
JPY vs NZD on 14-Oct-201673.83479
JPY vs NZD on 13-Oct-201673.47753
JPY vs NZD on 12-Oct-201673.49242
JPY vs NZD on 11-Oct-201673.05827
JPY vs NZD on 10-Oct-201674.01702
JPY vs NZD on 09-Oct-201673.86315
JPY vs NZD on 07-Oct-201673.82602
JPY vs NZD on 06-Oct-201674.52787
JPY vs NZD on 05-Oct-201674.22278
JPY vs NZD on 04-Oct-201673.96415
JPY vs NZD on 03-Oct-201673.94691
JPY vs NZD on 02-Oct-201673.82737
JPY vs NZD on 30-Sep-201673.82427
JPY vs NZD on 29-Sep-201673.3546
JPY vs NZD on 28-Sep-201673.26203
JPY vs NZD on 27-Sep-201673.26978
JPY vs NZD on 26-Sep-201672.9423
JPY vs NZD on 25-Sep-201672.99769
JPY vs NZD on 23-Sep-201673.17397
JPY vs NZD on 22-Sep-201673.70041
JPY vs NZD on 21-Sep-201673.72962
JPY vs NZD on 20-Sep-201674.45292
JPY vs NZD on 19-Sep-201674.39582
JPY vs NZD on 18-Sep-201674.28569

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